There is no required sequence of managing climate change risks and opportunities: some companies start with data collection and reporting, other companies want to perform an assessment of physical climate risk of a particular asset, while others want to have a board-level training on climate change.

If you want to first explore what climate change means for your company, a good place to start is to organise an interactive workshop. In this workshop Climate Risk Services will discuss the following:

  • Science of climate change. What is climate change exactly and who is involved?
  • Policy response. From the Earth Summit in 1992 to the latest climate conference. We will provide you with an inside view, having actively participated in the process.
  • The pathways-to-impact on your company: physical, regulatory, technology and social. We will focus on your specific sector and discuss an example that is relevant for your company.
  • Managing climate risks and opportunities. Based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, we will focus on governance, strategy, risk management and data collection and reporting.
  • How to use satellite generated data to assess future physical risk.

We will also introduce our vulnerability/readiness matrix as a climate management tool to become ‘climate smart’. We believe that a proper assessment of climate risk and opportunities requires a bottom-up approach in which the specific context of your organisation and the location of your assets matters most. Therefore, in the workshop we will focus on your sector and use examples that are relevant to your own organisation. Our average workshop is a half-day offering. Should you require a deeper-dive into a particular topic, longer sessions can be arranged.