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TCFD alignment

TCFD alignment

We have developed a TCFD Compliance Pathway to support companies in implementing the recommendations, stepping from understanding current state, setting objectives, planning and prioritizing, implementation, and ongoing improvement. The TCFD recommendations aim to create more transparency around climate risk, while providing a standard framework around four pillars of disclosure.

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    Establishing internal policies and procedures to integrate climate factors, designing organizational controls and structures aligned with best practice.


      Developing climate-focused strategies or integrating climate into strategic planning and decision-making, at the Board level or operational level.

        Risk management

        Implementing or aligning Risk Management Frameworks with climate risk, setting risk limits, develop risk monitoring systems, scenario analysis for stress testing.

          Data collection and reporting

          Identifying and reporting on key metrics and KPIs, understanding and accessing existing data, and establishing processes to access additional data.

            Our vision is that all companies are able to manage climate risk in order to preserve or enhance value while building towards a sustainable future for the world.


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