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We make organisations climate-smart and nature-positive.

All change comes with risks and opportunities, and that includes climate change.​ Identifying and responding to these is the key to securing your future.

Climate Risk Services provides products and services that help financial institutions and corporates ​ accelerate the transition to a greener world by addressing real-world adaptation and implementation challenges.​

Let us know how we can help you become climate-smart. ​

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Anticipate the impacts of physical risks.​

Our climate analytics platform provides accessible and interactive climate data, including comprehensive science-based risk scoring to help you understand your exposure to physical hazards, their likelihood and their potential impacts.

Our platform is optimised for use by financial institutions managing large investment portfolios, and corporates performing risk assessments for their production sites and supply chain.

We assist in ensuring business continuity by addressing the growing risks posed by extreme weather.

    Understand the Big Picture

    What exactly is at risk?

    Understand clearly what your portfolio risk profile looks like. Deep dive from any data point so you can absorb the full story.

      Executive Summary: 6.8 bil EUR

      Significant risk across in Agriculture sectors, particularly with Heat Stress and Drought




      Industry Focus

      Apply a sectoral lens on to understand the riskiest industries you operate in.

        A - Agriculture, forestry and fishing

        1.29 bil
        Coastal flood
        River flood
        Heat stress
        Cold stress
        Water stress

        Geographic Insights

        Understand the riskiest locations and their corresponding physical hazards.

          Ashanti - Ghana


          Navigate the complexities of the green transition.​

          We assist organisations in engaging with climate-related issues, developing climate-resilient and nature-positive strategies, and exploring plausible transition pathways. Our insights cover a range of risks, including reputational, technological, legal and market disruptions.

          We empower you to make future-ready decisions.

            Meet compliance and disclosure requirements.​

            We assist organisations in achieving regulatory compliance in the jurisdictions where they operate, and ensure alignment with industry-standard disclosure frameworks, such as the TCFD recommendations. Our expertise covers climate stress testing, carbon accounting, EU taxonomy implications, ISO 14091 specifications and other implementation challenges.​

            We help you navigate the rapidly evolving world of climate-related regulations and standards.​

              Stay up to date with best practices.​

              Our team comprises sector and domain experts with on-the-ground experience in real-world challenges organisations face while engaging with climate-related issues.

              We embed climate risk within organisations, aligning everything from strategic decision-making to day-to-day processes with science-based climate targets.

                Maturity Assessment​

                We offer benchmarking assessments to determine your organizational readiness to meet regulatory requirements and disclosure standards.

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                Portfolio & Asset Scan​

                Our climate analytics maps the best available science into actional risk scores, identifying assets at risk in your portfolio.

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                Scenarios & Strategy

                We facilitate scenario planning and strategy formation to help you maintain business continuity across various transition pathways.​

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                Trainings & Capacity Building

                We offer bespoke training to embed climate risk into key processes, empowering teams to adopt effective operational practices.​

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                Be part of the climate solution.​

                We have experience working with clients in the international financial sector, including emerging markets, as well as helping corporates in various sectors such as mining, agriculture, and food & beverages. Join our growing list of partners today!​

                  Interested to learn more? Drop us an email and start your climate journey today!​

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                    Head of Product
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                    Our vision is that all companies are able to manage climate risk in order to preserve or enhance value while building towards a sustainable future for the world.

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